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CBC Chairman's Message


Dear CBC Members,

As the newly elected Chairman of the Canadian Business Council of Dubai and the Northern Emirates, I am honoured to have the opportunity to work with all of you this coming year to ensure that the CBC provides you value and meaningful support and that the organization is well positioned for years to come.

It is my pleasure to introduce our new CBC Executive Committee. The team is a very capable one, with a variety of skills and interests and a deep passion for the CBC.  They are:

CBC Chairman – Eric Koeman
Email:  chairman@cbc-dubai.com

CBC Vice-Chairman and Membership Director – Al Hinton
Email:  vicechair@cbc-dubai.com

Events Director – Kristi Sealey
Finance Director – Charles A. Diab
Email:  finance@cbc-dubai.com

Legal Director – Douglas G. Smith
Email:  legal@cbc-dubai.com 

Partnerships Director – Pierre Chamas

Email:  partnerships@cbc-dubai.com

PR & Marketing Director – Phillip Jones
Email:  pr@cbc-dubai.com

We also have two ex-officio members of the Executive Committee:  Colin Beaton, former CBC Chairman, and Kate Starkey, our Consulate Representative. For more details about the Executive Committee, please visit our website - http://www.cbc-dubai.com/executive-committee.aspx  

In addition, the CBC’s office team of Beth Hirshfeld, Executive Director (beth@cbc-dubai.com), Sangita Bhatia, Operations Manager (sangita@cbc-dubai.com) and Afraa El Mana, Stakeholder Relations  (afraa@cbc-dubai.comare always available to assist so please feel free to connect with them as needed.

On behalf of all of the entire CBC Team, I hope you have a fantastic summer and a great year ahead.


Eric Koeman