digitally tv Studio

Photography/ Video/ Film Production

'CHANGE... acknowledged to be the only Constant.' At digitally, we picture change as our opportunity to evolve and transform. Transforming your precious moments into memorable assets that live forever!

digitally studio is an international image processing and production company, specialized in photography and film productions. With a history of more than fifty years and presence in three countries to support, digitally is equipped with unmatched experience, creativity, technical expertise, and equipment, Today, digitally and its team is known for two distinct attributes... professionalism and passion to excel... and we'd love to share them now with YOU!


Rafiq's father. Hakim Ally was a pioneer in photography and film making almost five decades ago, lending this firm the legacy of his name; Ally, and of course his immense natural talent in this art. With almost two decades of experience in the industry, Rafiq is the official photographer for several high dignitaries and brands in the UAE. He began walking into his father's footsteps while in high school and founded a production company in Pakistan at a very early age. later, he established a production company in Dubai to carry on with his father's legacy. Rafiq's family manages the Pakistan and USA offices.

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