EllisDon Project & Construction Management

Project & Construction Management

EllisDon was founded in 1951 in Canada, and is currently a leading international consultancy and construction firm, completing more than $4 billion in institutional, commercial, industrial, and civil consultancy and construction works annually. EllisDon has the distinction of being Canada’s most experienced construction services provider and Public-Private Partnership (PPP) provider and is proud of delivering the Canada Pavilion at Expo 2020.

EllisDon began operating in the Middle East in 2003 and to date has been responsible for delivering over $3 billion worth of projects. Our focus in this region is primarily on providing four key services:

1) Project/Construction Management: EllisDon works with the client to determine what type of building best suits their needs and act as their representative in delivering it.

2) Virtual Design & Construction: Provide VDC implementation and development strategies and manage BIM consultancy services including corporate framework set-up, protocol development, on-site executions, and supervision.

3) Facilities Management Consulting: EllisDon works with you to build a comprehensive building lifecycle and maintenance plan, introducing energy management and monitoring techniques that will extend the lifecycle of your building.

4) Energy Digital Services: EllisDon works with clients throughout the pre-construction, construction, and substantial completion/operations & maintenance phases to ensure a client’s building will achieve its full lifecycle by future-proofing it for evolving/changing technologies. In addition, EllisDon has in-house divisions that provide support in the following areas:

• Risk Management
• Health and Safety
• Sustainable Building Services
• R&D/Engineering
• Logistics
• Procurement
• Quality Assurance
• Value Engineering
• Estimating
• Planning/Scheduling

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