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Members' Benefit Program

Petra Insurance Brokers

Petra Insurance Brokers are delighted to offer exclusively CBC Dubai members a 5% Discount on all insurance products (except basic medical insurance)

Petra Insurance Brokers are excited to introduce to you our latest travel insurance offer including cover for COVID 19 that will comply with the travellers’ immigration requirements. Click HERE to read more.

Petra Insurance Brokers are also sharing the below-dedicated links where anyone can issue policies for travellers coming in and going out of Dubai with easy access to travel insurance certificate for convenience.

People visiting Dubai use the below link

Inbound URL:           https://wisconnectz.com/a/211/24

Planning a trip from Dubai

Outbound URL:        https://wisconnectz.com/a/211/23

Please see below link to know more about us and trust you will take advantage of our special offer.


If you have any questions about our travel product, we invite you to call or email us immediately at +971 050 700 2466 /clarity@insurewithpetra.com and we will be happy to assist you. 


Contact Name: Ramzi Ghurani
Position: Managing Partner
Telephone: 042661800
Web: https://insurewithpetra.com/
Email: clarity@insurewithpetra.com
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