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CIER was founded in 1944 and since 1968 it has represented the CL-215/415 Canadair waterbomber selling the largest fleet of Turboprop 415s in the world.

The activity of the Company is promoting business opportunities for the represented Companies such as Partnerships, equity participation, sharing of technologies, joint ventures in research and development with leading Italian Companies and/or State funding. The main companies we represent are:
Raytheon Network Centric Division since 1949 selling the APX-100 IFFs (Identification Friend or Foe) equipment, installed on most of the Italian Air Force aircraft.
BEEL Technologies Canada selling Transponders installed on most LEONARDO's Air Traffic Control Radars sold worldwide
NIMBUS selling first certified airport ILS drones in the world also patented solution for Energy - Med delivery - Security / Safety
IATS Group - International Aerospace Technical Service Group, one of the few independent maintenance and repair companies operating in Europe, ENAC certified.

Meet Our Proud CBC Dubai Members

Cristina Bolla

Contract Manager

+39 3355282743


Francesco Bolla

Marketing Director

+39 335392325


Stefano Bolla

Sales Marketing

+39 3356391119

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