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Jitendra Consulting Group

Auditors & Accounting


+971 4 343 8022

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At JCG, we have a well-rounded philosophy cast in stone. It has worked for us and, more importantly, for our clients. Some of our key professional Principles are:

1. Respect the client’s confidentiality.
2. Accept only those assignments for which we have the experience and expertise.
3. Work in the best interest of the client, with undivided loyalty.
4. Arrive at terms and confirm them through a signed Letter of Engagement before any work begins.
5. Provide our first consultation free to a prospective new client.
6. Ensure that the work is carried out in an objective, impartial, independent manner.
7. Cultivate high standards of professionalism through regular training, upgrades, and research.
8. Build and nature regular communication channels with clients and associates.

Coming to life out of an ambitious idea that imagined an extraordinary new future for Auditing, Accounting and Consultancy services, Jitendra Consulting Group (JCG) arose around a decade ago. Setting out into the world powered by the resolute vision, we sought to recreate the landscape of the business world.

Armed with an unmatched sensibility in comprehending and implementing new-age business processes, JCG set base in one of the most dynamic financial capitals of the world, Dubai. Adhering to stringent standards we earned the ISO 9001:2008 certifications through our sheer commitment and diligence.

Meet Our Proud CBC Dubai Members

Mohammad Afzal Khan

Business Development Executive

+971 52 650 8179


Arun Raj Kalpathur

Business Development Manager

+971 56 545 8011


Huthayfah Abdalhafiz

Business Development Executive

+971 50 3787 240

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