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Working with young children can be chaotic at times. No wonder classrooms are designed to be safe, sturdy, and as easy as possible to manage. Shouldn’t your childcare management software be the same?

This is why we built KinderPass, an all-in-one solution that simplifies the work you do behind the scenes, so you can concentrate on your day-to-day childcare operations.

Our team has 30+ years of expertise in online management technology, and more importantly real-life experience of owning and running childcare centers. This includes in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the business, from operating IT and finance departments to collaborating with government education bodies.

In short, we know exactly how running a smooth operation behind the scenes translates into better, happier daycare centers.

Our mission is therefore simple: create tools that free educators from administrative burdens, delight parents and families, and empower owners to run a successful business. All while creating a nurturing environment where children can blossom, grow and learn – even amidst the inevitable, yet adorable daily chaos.

KinderPass is created in Montreal, based in Dubai and open to the World.

Meet Our Proud CBC Dubai Members

Maithili Sagar

Founder and CEO

+971 50 180 0728



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