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Ministry of Economic Development Job Creation and Trade

Embassy, Consulate & Overseas Agencies


+1 416 325 6792

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Making the Right Connections

Opportunity is an introduction away. And the Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade is the powerful resource that will put your business in touch with opportunity.

We connect businesses in Ontario and throughout the world with the people, products and ideas that make Ontario “Canada’s Economic Powerhouse”.

As knowledgeable and experienced professionals with links to every important market and association here in Canada and worldwide, we are the ideal guides for navigating the intricate mazes of business and government both locally and globally.

We also provide valuable unbiased assistance and pertinent information for businesses looking to grow domestically and internationally.

Whether you are an Ontario business owner looking to expand into international markets or a foreign business owner looking to grow within Ontario or establish an entry point into the North.

American market, the Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade provides a wide array of valuable services.

Our team of knowledgeable export professionals assists Ontario suppliers of goods and services in developing their export strategies for international markets. We provide support to Ontario-based companies looking to export their goods and services worldwide, and assist international buyers in sourcing Ontario products and services and investigating trade and investment opportunities.

Meet Our Proud CBC Dubai Members

Eyad Qudsi

Area Director - Middle East

+1 416 212 1675



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