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Ramachandran Law PC

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+1 416 902 8225

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We at Ramachandran Law strive to provide exceptional Immigration,legal, business and advisory services to meet our stakeholders ever-changing demands in this ever-changing world.

Ramachandran Law seeks to be an innovative, progressive legal, business and advisory service provider focused on providing excellent results and value to all stakeholders. Yes, stakeholders include our employees, clients, communities, and our environment.

We do not bill by the hour or the minute. We believe in a value based fee structure which is transparent from day 1. We believe that you should pay for the value of the work you receive, not for the time we spent! Contact us to learn more.

We will aid in solving your legal matter or direct you in the right direction.

Meet Our Proud CBC Dubai Members

Vithu Ramachandran


+1 416 505 3350



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