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The Canadian Business Council assists Canadian-related companies and professionals establishing or operating/working in Dubai and the UAE, through business networking and connections, information exchange, and a continued connection to Canada. 

As one of the largest and most active UAE business councils and the biggest Canadian business council in the MENA region, CBC offers members the opportunity to build their business and government networks and also maintain a strong connection to Canada, through events, member discounts and other benefits and supports. It also offers sponsors an opportunity to access and connect with a substantial number of Canadian professionals and their networks.

With more than 500 members, CBC is enjoying its largest membership numbers since its inception and is continuing to grow. CBC members represent a variety of industries, offering members the opportunity to make inroads in more than 25 business sectors. Becoming a CBC member or Sponsoring the CBC can enhance visibility and interaction with decision-makers/opinion-leaders in the Canadian-UAE business and government community, other regional Business Councils and associations and also Canadians considering setting up UAE businesses. 

If you are not an annual CBC member, you can still join some of CBC's ongoing events.  In this case, your registration fee will cover the cost of a temporary short-term membership to allow you to attend the CBC program.


There is also an existing Memorandum of Understanding with our sister organization in Abu Dhabi, allowing members of either council to join Abu Dhabi or Dubai CBC events at the member rates.

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