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Dear Canadian Business Council Members,

It is my honour to have been elected to serve as your Chairman.  I, as well as each of the other members of the Executive Board, are very much looking forward to understanding your business and determining how the Canadian Business Council can assist you in your further growth as well as act as your business link to Canada.

Canadians, Canadian-related companies, and professionals have contributed to the growth of our wonderful host country, the United Arab Emirates for decades.  From the beginning, we have conducted business based on our Canadian values: respect, fairness, politeness, humility, discipline, compassion, and environmental awareness. Indeed, being Canadian is at its essence a belief in these core values; values that are shared with many others, including our host country.  I believe that it is these shared core values of both countries that lead to long-term success and prosperity in the 21st century. 


The Canadian Business Council’s mission is to assist Canadian-related companies and professionals in establishing and operating in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, through business networking, connections, information exchange, and a continued pathway to Canada.   Now that the COVID pandemic is largely behind us, we look forward to meeting you at our many exciting business networking events, including our annual Gala.   


2022/2023 will be the year of ‘getting back to business' in which businesses remove their pandemic shackles.  However new challenges have arisen:  inflationary concerns and geopolitical events. The Canadian Business Council is here to help navigate these headwinds by connecting communities. Canada to the UAE, and the UAE to Canada with our shared core values leading the way.   

Let’s make 2022/2023 one of the best years in recent memory by shaking off the pandemic blues, networking, supporting each other, and most importantly, prospering!


Shahram Safai


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