Dear CBC Members,

As the newly elected Chairman of the Canadian Business Council of Dubai and the Northern Emirates, I am honored to introduce you to the CBC Executive Committee for the coming year.  

The team contains some familiar names and a number of new ones, all of  them bring a remarkable skill set and passion for the CBC and Dubai’s Canadian community.
We have two ex-officio members of the Executive Committee:  Phillip Jones, former CBC Chairman, and Nicole Harbauer, our Consulate Representative, and are grateful to be supported by the most capable office team of any business council in the UAE, led by Executive Director, Diana Szyszka Pompei (, Operations Manager, Sangita Bhatia ( and Stakeholder Relations, Heba Ayman (

Over the next few weeks, we will be assembling a plan to navigate the CBC through these uncertain times, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you to ensure that the CBC continues to act as a source of knowledge and networking for your business interests. However, considering the extraordinary circumstances in which we are all operating these days, I think that it will be just as important for us to get together and stand shoulder-to-shoulder as a community, to support each other as we look to recover through the rest of 2020, and look forward to 2021. Rest assured that no matter what your plans may be, your fellow Canadians in Dubai have your back, and all of us here at the CBC are firmly committed to providing you with the platform and the tools that you need to succeed - tools and capabilities that the CBC team and I hope to sharpen and improve upon over the coming year.   

Please feel free to share your thoughts on how the CBC can support you and your business better by reaching out to me or any of the members of my team at our emails above.

I hope you have a fantastic summer and a great year ahead, and I look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming webinars and (hopefully, one day soon) events.   If you are not already following us on social media, then I highly recommend that you do by clicking here: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & YouTube


Aneerudha (Ruda) Borkotoky