The Canadian Business Council is proud to introduce CBC Connect Groups, a platform through which Canadians with common interests can come together, share knowledge, collaborate, and help each other thrive.

For over 25 years, the Canadian Business Council has been giving Canadians located in Dubai an opportunity to connect and thrive. The roster of CBC’s services has traditionally included several events, seminars, networking, and social events designed to bring together Dubai’s Canadian business community and establish Canadians (and Canada) as a premier force within city’s economy. 

The CBC’s membership incorporates Canadians from all walk’s life, with a variety of professional interests and backgrounds. In recognition of the varying goals and areas of subject matter expertise within the Canadian community, and with the aim of highlighting the unique expertise that rests with Canadians operating in all sectors and segments in Dubai, the CBC’s Connect Groups will distill the vast knowledge held the CBC’s membership into smaller communities of practice. 

Each Connect Group will focus on a particular sector, interest or community of practice and will each aim to serve the unique needs their own members while at the same time leveraging the CBC’s scale, reach, and resources. Five Connect Groups will be launched initially, focusing on areas of unique strength and interest among the CBC’s members.



Moderator: Adel Khalaf

Focusing on the knowledge sharing, professional development and professional enhancement needs of Canadians practicing law in Dubai.


Moderator: Maithili Sagar

Focusing on advancing the role of women in the business world and creating a platform through which women in business can share their experiences and learnings.


Moderator: Ruda Borkotoky

Focused on the wide array of SME business owners from Canada who operate in the UAE. The CBC Entrepreneurs Connect Group will create a platform for entrepreneurs to share insights and opportunities with one another in order to help each other grow and sustain their businesses.



Moderator: Rohit Gupta

Focused on Canadians operating in, or with an interest in learning about new technologies, and learning about how to utilize technologies within their business environment in order to get a competitive edge.


Moderator: Craig Ceppetelli

Focused on medical and non-medical professionals operating in the healthcare space. The CBC Healthcare Professionals Connect Group will focus on bridging healthcare competencies between the UAE and Canada. The goal of this Connect Group will be to leverage the CBC's deep network to advance this key aspect of Canada and the UAE's trade relationship.


Moderator: Colin Beaton

Focused on Canadians involved in the creative arts and related fields such as design, marketing and media production.

All CBC members will automatically be enlisted into the Connect Groups of their choosing, based on their interests and career development goals. Membership within each Connect Group will not be exclusive - the goal is to allow members to advance themselves in whichever field they choose to participate in. Each Connect Group will be led by a member of the CBC's Advisory Board, with direct access to the Chairman of the CBC in order to ensure that the needs of Connect Group members - who will all be CBC members - are being continuously engaged with and met.