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360 Global Tax Professional Corporation

Accounting Firm


+1 365 996 8996

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We're a boutique Canadian accounting firm specializing in non-resident tax services for individuals living and working abroad.
When it comes to expatriation and post-departure tax implications, we help plan, prepare and execute your tax complexities. Our unique Realty Tax Division is dedicated to assisting individuals who already own Canadian real estate with rental income and sale of property tax implications, future investors who wish to forecast real estate tax estimates , etc.
Our motto is ‘a personal approach’, we understand that while you're miles away, clear communication, transparency and results are essential.
Our main service offerings include:
- Part-Year Canadian Tax Return Preparation
- Tax Residency Determinations and Consulting
- Post-Departure Tax Planning
- Rental Income Tax Withholding & Filing Requirements
- Sale of Property Certificate of Compliance Certificates & Non-Resident Tax Returns
- GST/HST New Residential Rental Property Rebates/ New Housing Rebates
- Non-Resident Tax Account Management
- Prior-Year Tax Return Amendments
- Request for Taxpayer Relief
- Voluntary Disclosures

We provide a complimentary initial call to discuss your situation and determine if we’re a good fit. Contact us and make sure your tax needs are covered.

Meet Our Proud CBC Dubai Members

Ruby Chouhan

+1 647 321 7829



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