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With the magical tinkling of silverware, the enchanting clatter of cookware that promises joy, creativity and magic, Arshia emerged and continues to grow offering delight to every family. After a short while, Dari Home surfaced providing culinary tools from various brands with endless options to choose from.

On the other side of the magical world is another unit that offers various adventures for those who dare. The Little Things is no small feat, as within its walls are a collection of doors that will transport every adventurous soul to worlds you've never seen and bigger than one's imagination. And it's sidekick, Jazeel, is continuously becoming its own main character.

Along with the charms and sustainability of Arshia, Dari and Little Things comes the elegance and glamor tinged with pink. A beautiful escape for those who need to recharge their well beings, Curve Beauty Salon offers something enchanted that will make any woman feel as though they were a princess or a queen worthy of their beloved crowns.

And then there's something for our old tum-tums. Seedology Cafe is not just a cafe. It's a haven that nourishes not just the body but the soul and mind. It's an enchanting world in itself, and to bask in its shelter is a true joy for creative people, hungry for delicious food and new adventures.

These worlds are represented by three little hummingbirds.

Meet Our Proud CBC Dubai Members

Hassan Tamimi

Managing Director

+971 50 640 4732



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