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Arch Corporation

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Arch Corporation (DIFC) Limited is a subsidiary of Canadian based, Arch Corporation, an alternative real-estate asset manager catering to institutional and private family-office investors. The firm offers
strategic, impartial advice on wealth preservation, business continuity, family governance, succession planning and inheritance. It helps clients achieve their family’s unique wealth-preservation objectives
across generations. The firm’s sophisticated financial knowledge and investment advisory expertise, supported by superior systems and technology and enhanced by a global network of elite business
relationships, is delivered with utmost privacy and discretion. It also offers investment opportunities on Arch Corporation’s alternative real-estate platform.

Arch Corporation evolved from Conundrum Capital which was co-founded by Dan Argiros in 2000. Under Dan’s leadership, the Conundrum team has acquired and managed assets worth more than C$4 billion, composed of multi-family residential assets, commercial properties and selective investments in senior-care and hospitality portfolios.

Arch Corporation was founded in 2016 and functions as a privately owned manager with a focus on identifying unique real estate investment opportunities in Canada. Split in to two key mandates,
Arch Private Capital invests in misunderstood and undercapitalized private real estate, while Arch Capital Markets aims to capitalize on the disconnect that routinely occurs between public real estate equities and private-market real estate.

Arch Corporation’s investment philosophy starts by aligning our interest with investors by being a lead investor across any investment strategy. The Manager believes in stewardship of capital, constant
investor communication, and a steadfast commitment to achieving its investment goals. Arch is led by CEO Dan Argiros and President Michael Missaghie, who bring an extensive track record of private and public equity real-estate investment in Canada.

Arch Corporation (DIFC) Limited is regulated by the DFSA

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