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Consulate General of Canada- Government of Saskatchewan

Embassy, Consulate & Overseas Agencies


+971 4 404 8444

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Saskatchewan, Canada, has the food, fuel, and fertilizer that the world needs. The Canadian prairie province has 40% of Canada’s farmland and is the world’s top exporter of lentils, canola, and peas.

As Canada’s second-largest oil-producing province, Saskatchewan is pioneering new clean energy technologies including carbon capture, utilization and storage, lithium, geothermal energy, and small modular reactors.

The province is home to 23 critical minerals and is the world’s largest producer of potash and a leading supplier of high-grade uranium. Saskatchewan is known for the sustainability of its agricultural practices and resource extraction methods. For example, its potash is processed using 50% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than major competitors.

The Government of Saskatchewan has established a network of nine international offices, including one based in the United Arab Emirates, to help connect investors and buyers with opportunities in the province.

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