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Clean Hydrogen at Scale

Hydrogen Optimized manufactures and sells innovative high-power water electrolyzers for large-scale clean hydrogen production.

Hydrogen Optimized’s RuggedCell™ high-power water electrolyzers are designed to deliver low-cost clean hydrogen at the scale needed to decarbonize the world’s largest energy-intensive industries. Our patented technology efficiently converts renewable electricity such as solar and wind power into clean hydrogen.

The RuggedCell™ High-Power Water Electrolysis System:
Key Information for EPCs, EPCMs and Large Clean Hydrogen Project Developers
Hydrogen Optimized is pleased to share the latest detailed product information with EPCs and large-scale clean hydrogen project developers. To connect directly with an EPC/Client Specialist email the following address:

Designed for the Lowest Levelized Cost of Hydrogen at Large-Scale
RuggedCell™ water electrolyzers were created specifically for large-scale clean hydrogen projects to provide carbon-free energy for major industries such as chemical plants, utilities and heavy transportation. The RuggedCell™ system architecture is configurable. It enables cost-effective clean hydrogen plants ranging from tens of megawatts to gigawatt scale with minimal replication of substations, rectifiers, balance of stack, and balance of plant. The RuggedCell™ delivers the true economies of scale that are essential to achieving the lowest levelized cost of hydrogen.

Optimized for Renewable Energy
Our patented technology efficiently converts renewable electricity such as solar and wind power into clean hydrogen. The RuggedCell™ system operates over the full dynamic range of available power, and is therefore well-suited for variable renewable power inputs. This capability makes it possible to avoid shutdowns at low renewable energy intensity while maximizing the conversion of electrical power to hydrogen. High gas purities are sustained over the full operating range, further driving down the levelized cost of hydrogen

Low-cost Mass Manufacturing
Targeting the emerging gigawatt-scale clean hydrogen production market, the RuggedCell™ is designed for low-cost mass manufacturing and cost-effective scaling. With this in mind, Hydrogen Optimized secured a flexible and expandable manufacturing facility. The company currently occupies approximately 150,000 square feet of factory space with an option to expand into the entire 300,000 square foot facility and surrounding 32-acre campus. This arrangement provides the space required for more than 2 GW/y of finished product output in a fully automated

Uses Widely Available Materials
Another key aspect of the RuggedCell™ design is the use of widely available materials such as iron, nickel and copper that have well-established and reliable supply chains. These materials are produced at scale within a two-hour drive of the Hydrogen Optimized factory. A vertically integrated manufacturing process circumvents reliance on third parties for the supply of core RuggedCell™ components that are difficult to scale quickly, such as electrocatalysts and membranes.

No Iridium or PFAS “Forever-Chemicals”
The design also excludes reliance on platinum, iridium and other platinum group metals due to their well-known supply chain and cost challenges. Furthermore, no perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) are used in the RuggedCell™. As a result, our system contains no toxic PFAS “forever chemicals”, which now face regulatory scrutiny in some jurisdictions.

From an ESG perspective, the RuggedCell™ design enables cradle-to-cradle recycling of all parts, another key factor to achieve the lowest levelized cost of hydrogen.

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