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Midas Safety



+971 4 886 0027

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With over twenty years of experience in the distribution of a complete range of head-to-toe safety products, Midas Safety leads in providing Personal Protective Equipment both locally and globally.

Our vision is to be the Number One Safety Company in our region.

Our mission is to be known as a:
a) Safety solution provider
b) Supplier of quality products
c) Provider of same day service

In addition to our own brand of products, we also represent some of the leading global brands:
• 3M & Aero (USA/Europe): Respiratory products, Occupational Health & Environmental Safety products
• Dupont (Germany, USA, Canada, Asia): Protective clothing
• Honeywell Group:
- KCL (Germany): Specialty hand protection
- Salsbury (USA): Arc protection
- North Safety (USA/Canada): Personal Protective Equipment
• Jallatte (France): Footwear
• Zecchin (Italy): Footwear
• Biosystems (USA): Gas detection
• Haws (USA): Emergency showers & Eye wash systems
• Vacuum Reflex (UK): Cold storage garments
• Newtex (USA): High temperature clothing & Gloves
• DSM Dyneema (Holland): Cut resistance gloves

“Your Safety is our Concern”

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