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RA International is a UK listed public company with operational headquarters in the UAE and regional program management offices in Africa. RA is a specialist remote site service provider operating across Africa and the Middle East. Our largely international client base includes the British MoD, UN Agencies, UN Missions, UNICEF, WFP, US Government, US Government Prime Contractors, European Union, African Union and a host of international organisations. Countries we have operated in include Afghanistan, Chad, Sudan, Senegal, South Sudan, Mali, Central African Republic, Somalia, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Mozambique.

RA has successfully delivered projects in some of the most challenging and inhospitable environments across Africa. Our clients generally fall into three categories:

• Humanitarian Agencies - we work closely with humanitarian agencies, including many UN Agencies and NGO’s
• Governments - We count a number of governments as clients including USA, UK, France and Italy as well as the European Union and African Union.
• Commercial – Our diverse commercial client base operates across a number of sectors including oil & gas, mining, telecoms, automotive, logistics and facilities management

RA has a strong position within its market, consistently delivering to international standards across three, often integrated, service verticals in countries across Africa and the Middle East:

• Construction – Development of greenfield or brownfield sites in remote and challenging locations, for temporary, semi-permanent and permanent requirements. Our service offering includes civil and general construction as well as site infrastructure. Site infrastructure typically involves power generation and
reticulation, water treatment and reticulation, liquid waste management, solid waste management and street lighting.

• Integrated Facilities Management – Provision of facilities operation and management services, which incorporates a full range of sub-services such as plant and equipment operation and maintenance, facilities operation and maintenance, cleaning, catering, laundry, pest control and waste management, porterage and grounds-keeping.

• Supply Chain - Local, regional and global procurement and delivery of mission critical equipment, material, consumables and food supplies. Last mile logistics in Africa is a particular strength for RA.

A key capability of RA, promoted by many of RA’s clientele, is the ability to enable clientele to focus on their core objectives. RA achieves this by constructing quality facilities and infrastructure and providing long term integrated facilities management and supply chain management services, all to the highest
international standards.

Meet Our Proud CBC Dubai Members

Andrew Bolter

Chief Financial Officer

+971 50 655 7526


Soraya Narfeldt


+971 50 655 7526


Trevor Stratford

Business Development Director

+971 50 556 5989

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