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The Total Office LLC



+971 4 450 8700

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Today workspace is not only intelligent but fluid/flexible. Over the past 20 years, we’ve laid our foundation, built relationships and refined our service based on global research to deliver flexible workspaces in the region.

We are excited to shape the future world of work with an approach that integrates innovation, stewardship, service and social responsibility.

Our diverse range of office furniture, soft seating, & acoustic solutions have had Sustainability and Wellness at its core. By focusing on creating Smart Environments which Foster Collaboration, boost focus
and create agile workspace usage we help organizations attract the best talent.

Meet Our Proud CBC Dubai Members

Mriganka Travasso

Director Marketing & Sales

+971 50 459 1945


Siddharth Peters

Managing Director

+971 50 645 4743


Corrine Sunter

Sales Director

+971 58 179 5055

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