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About University of Guelph
What you seek in a university, the University of Guelph has it.

No matter where you're from, once you've enrolled at the U of G, you're a Gryphon. That means you're a part of a network of fellow Gryphons who will set you up with everything you need to be a success - in your degree, in your career, and in the rest of your life. Our reputation? Excellent. We're ranked as one of Canada's Top Comprehensive Universities, with top marks in Student Experience. Our academics? First rate - with professors who actually want to get to know you. Our professional connections? Unparalleled. We offer hundreds of opportunities to put your skills to practice in the field and meet the right people - that's how we ensure over 90% of our students are employed within 6 months of graduation. And our atmosphere? Like being part of a community that you make complete. So come and experience Guelph. We've been waiting for you.

More than 1,200 international students come from all over the world to study at Guelph. We continually strengthen our global reputations as a leader in innovative research and teaching excellence. We want you to become leaders of a sustainabile tomorrow, given that U of G has over 100,000 alumni in 145 countries.

We want to welcome you to one of Ontario's fastest growing, best run cities: Guelph. With a population of over 133,000, the city of Guelph is known for its environmental sustainability and volunteerism. With all the amenities of a big city, and a small-town feel, the campus and the city offer you a perfect balance of academics and community. The architecture is rich, the downtown core is vibrant, the legacy and cultural diversity is strong, and the community and campus are interconnected. Guelph is:

Rated one of the 10 best places to live in Canada.
Located in the heart of the Innovation Corridor that stretches from Toronto to Waterloo Region.
Called the City of Music, it's recognized for its indie music scene, and home to the renowned Hillside Festival and the Guelph Jazz Festival.
A one-hour drive from Toronto's Pearson International Airport.

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